Control the position of your body in the space.

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What about U-StanD

Mobile application to control the position of your body in space while automatically recording your performance.

Simple, fun and effective, U-Stand is a true assistant and workout companion, U-StanD will help you develop and challenge yourself every day. U-Stand improves your strength, your endurance, your balance and your agility.

Used in many athletic sports such as:
  - Street workout
  - Gymnastics
  - Calisthenics
  - Cross fit
  - Yoga
  - Pole Dance
  - Acrobatics
  - Break Dance

With the sensors of the device, U-StanD know the position relative to the ground and provides a position perfect and signal it with a voice message or a vibration device. Additionally a timer starts automatically to record accurately the performance.

Select your position and control the position of your body in space.

U-stand tells you if you be well positioned or not.

To time and save your performances.


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